Cologne, Germany on a wonderful and sunny summer afternoon. Many People walking in many directions. Hurrying, maundering, talking, laughing, some frowning, drinking. Sitting around.
A snowy winter morning in early february. I was still lying in bed watching the snow fall outside the window. A pandemonium of thousands of snowflakes whirling, tumbling up and down and sideways. Only to finally hit the ground and vanish. Off for another try.
So much alike.



Each of them only
All quite unique.
Belonging to one still
One single breed.

Different shapes and
Different size.
Heading their own and
Different ways.

Playfully dancing
Some walking straight,
Some of them heavy
Some without weight.

Trying to find a
Place of their own.
A wonderful place that
They call their home.

Living a life for
A task still unknown.
No, they can’t go wrong cause
They’re all coming down.

So easy to kill by
The touch of a hand.
Transformed into water
Send back to be mend.

Sailling away,
Just to come back
Another day.

Sailling away
We’re all coming back here
Another day

Sailling away
I try to believe
There’s another day.

Text & Music: Tom Rankenburg © 2012

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